Augmenting Realty: Harnessing Artifical & Human Intelligence for Superhuman Performance


This session will take a critical look into the rapidly growing world of AI. How are models such as ChatGPT built and how intelligent are they really?

When the ethical consequences of an AI’s output are severe, human intelligence becomes more important. We will talk about the use of human intelligence for Brainbay’s Reference API, which is the low complexity model that is used together with the high complexity Automated Valuation Model to determine the value of a house. And we will tell you why we love our users.

Floor Wijnen, will conduct this session and works as a Data Scientist at brainbay. She is an exceptionally cheerful and she loves to hand out stroopwafels to the team. She developed the reference model that is currently used in the tools for Wonen and Business and is available as an external API.

Floor Wijnen    or as AI Floor sees    Floor Ai

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