The innovators dilemma

Everybody speaks about the need for change, the need for innovation. Customers want companies to deliver new and better solutions, without them even asking for it. Business and IT collectively need to start thinking about the jobs to be done for their customers. When they do they often feel stopped by internal departments and the resistance to change. Managers even when they enlightened see the light bulb of new ideas struggle with holistic return on investments, planning and road mapping cycles. These new ideas begin to feel like a noose on the gallows. Data engineers transitioning from infrastructural focus to functional use case thinking, get stuck in the 5 shifts that needs to happen behind the scenes. The leadership style we all long for is transformational, but we hire and fire transactional managers. Why do we need control and a sense of knowing all details? Why do we make fit/gap analysis and seek solid business cases? What is keeping us from entrepreneurial and conversational behaviours? The clock is ticking, companies that do not start new S-curves, will eventually start the decline.

How do we climb the staircase with each other? What is said and left unsaid?

What is the biggest differentiator to turning this around?

Take the first step… even when you don’t see the whole staircase!

The innovators dilemma


Artie Debidien

Artie Debidien, CIO, Supervisory Board member, Strategic Advisor and Coach


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