Market Information API

Market Information API

Provides information on the housing market for neighbourhoods based on recent transactions.

Why use Market Information API?

  • Housing market data.
  • Available per API for smooth integration into existing tools.
  • Based on the latest and most comprehensive housing database in the Netherlands.
  • Works for each and every neighbourhood across the Netherlands.
  • Improves understanding of local housing market.

The most detailed and updated data in the Netherlands

Brainbay (NVM’s subsidiary) is in charge of NVM’s database (MIDAS) as well as the exchange system known as Tiara. As a result, Brainbay’s API Market information (Marktinfo-API) is based on the most comprehensive and up-to-date housing market database in the Netherlands.

Market Information API allows to generate data on the housing market for specific places or neighbourhoods according to the latest transactions. An aggregated overview is provided containing different data points, for example, numbers of objects sold, average prices and average turnaround. This type of information enables to create personalised reports for a local situation.


The Market Information API module is accessible, allowing external parties to use it.

Market Information API for targeted reports

API Market Information can effectively being used for marketing purposes. It allows consumers to have a better understanding of the neighbourhood in which their home is located, identifying how the housing market is developing, alternatively proceeding to sell the property as a result. Also, the API can be used to support buyers in their search for a suitable property by specifying and comparing different neighbourhood characterstics. One of NVM’s property agents will then discuss the neighbourhood in detail based on local knowledge and experience.

Market Information API for valuation tools

Brainbay’s Market Information API can also generate value when deployed in valuation context as it provides indicators that explain the local market of the valued house, allowing the valuer to add a market rationale to the valuation report based on this data.

Currently, Market Information API is beinig used in the NVM purchasing tool. This is a brainbay application available to NVM’s property agents only. The tool helps them design a property purchase strategy at a rapid pace. It only takes a single search to find all property information, from its historical real-estate passport, the model-based value, reference objects and key figures of the corresponding neighbourhoods.

Being NVM’s subsidiary, external parties may only be connected to the Brainbay Market Information API under the right terms. One of the main terms is the added value the connection offers to NVM’s property agents.

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