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The authority dedicated to data-driven services and insights, serving the Dutch property market.

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Brainbay has been providing the market with data and information products involving residential and commercial property as well as agricultural businesses.

Brainbay’s pillars

Property data

Manager of the most exhaustive and up-to-date property database available in the Netherlands.

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Property figures

Performing market research to have an understanding of developments taking place on the property market.

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Property products

Developing innovative tools that make property data perfectly accessible.

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Property market numbers

Brainbay has the latest and most exhaustive housing market information available in the Netherlands.

Average price of residential property sold

+5,3 increase
compared to last year

Number of houses sold

+11,8% increase
compared to last year

Brainbay’s products

We develop innovative products, making housing market data accessible.

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  • API Reference

    Generating an overview of similar homes for each residential property in the Netherlands.

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  • Object-API

    Ensuring real-time insight into the everchanging supply and transactions taking place on the property market.

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  • API Price Trends

    Provides the indexed property value based on historical transactions prices and price trends.

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  • Market Information API

    Provides information on the housing market for neighbourhoods based on recent transactions.

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  • API Valuation Model

    Providing the most accurate model-based home valuations.

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As NVM’s subsidiary, Brainbay is responsible for managing the database, monitoring data quality and providing innovative services to make data accessible to NVM’s members.

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