Property data


Brainbay is responsible for developing and managing NVM’s property data. These are supplemented, which makes Brainbay manager of the largest and most exhaustive property database available in the Netherlands.

Data are a key asset to NVM, but they are only valuable provided you can draw information from them. Otherwise, they will merely be isolated numbers. With these property data, we are able to develop new insights, products and services for NVM’s real estate agents, to make sure they take the lead and that they are able to serve their clients most efficiently.

Under the right terms and conditions, external parties may join the database, to develop new products for NVM’s members only.

MIDAS and Tiara

For years, real estate agents have been collecting data that are being saved in the largest and most current property database in the Netherlands: MIDAS. MIDAS is fed by the central exchange system of property data: Tiara. Office automation systems are certified to exchange with Tiara. Through Tiara, property (e.g. houses available for sale) is sent off to different parties, including Funda and real estate websites. Brainbay has been managing both the Tiara exchange system as well as the property database called MIDAS.

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