Why use API Price Trends?

  • To calculate NVM’s indexed value of historical property transactions.
  • Brainbay Price Index is based on artificial intelligence and 100 features.
  • Additional value model next to the Brainbay Property Value (Woningwaarde) model.

The most detailed and updated data in the Netherlands

Brainbay (NVM’s subsidiary) has been managing the NVM database (MIDAS) as well as the exchange system known as Tiara. As a result, Brainbay’s API Price Trends (Prijsontwikkeling-API) is based on the most comprehensive and updated housing market database in the Netherlands.

API Price Trends helps to assess the current property value based on historical transaction prices and price developments, indexed to the present. For each property in the Netherlands, a price index is created by analysing the underlying features of the property and its environment’s characteristics.

API Price Trends helps to assess the property value of property already sold. This property value can be used next to the Brainbay Property Value model when valuing or deciding on a sales or purchase strategy, among other things.


API Price Trends is accessible, allowing external parties to use it.

API Price Trends (Prijsontwikkeling-API for comparing property values on today’s market.

API Price Trends can be used to directly present the indexed price of a property. In comparing different properties, an overview is effortlessly created of the underlying prices which are easily comparable as they have been indexed to the present. These insights may then be used in different processes like valuing the property, supervising sales or acquisition.

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